Edict of Tolerance

By Order of His Imperial Majesty, the Right Royal Karl-Franz
Grand Prince of the Reikland, Prince of Altdorf, Count of the West March
Sigmar’s Heir and Exalted Ruler of the Empire

The proven hope for the salvation of those who suffer the lamentable affliction of mutation requires that no person who suffers from the affliction of mutation may be assumed to be a servant of Chaos.

This protection holds so long as the afflicted declare themselves so, thus showing they do not seek to work in secret against the Empire, and so long as they commit no criminal act, showing that their judgment has not been corrupted.

Thus be it known to all the Emperor’s Subjects that the practice of executing or exiling those persons suffering from the affliction of mutation is henceforth forbidden under pain of death, so long as such persons abide by the terms of this edict.

Issued on 11th of Sommerzeit, 2523


The Edict is unpopular with many but has been proclaimed throughout the Empire by Imperial order and further distributed by the Cult of Shallya.

The Shallyan view is best expressed in the words of Astrid von Nimlshein, a disgraced Shallyan priestess who had to flee Marienburg after suggesting mutants are entitled to Shallya’s mercy: “what may we say of a mutant who has yet to answer the Call of Chaos that one of the elder races cannot say of a human – judge for what someone has done not for what they may do”.

Edict of Tolerance

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