Common Rule and Houserule Reminders

Asterix marks a houserule

Added Homebrew Action Cards: all PCs get a free Subdue basic melee action card representing attacking with intent to disable not kill. A foe who falls to any other attack is likely dead. There is an Improved Subdue action card representing more skill at subduing targets.*

Career Trait Bonus: once session bonus of white die (roleplaying it)*
Traits eligible are Academic, Arcane, Bureaucrat, Combat, Devoted, Fanatic, Rogue, Menial, Military, Noble, Religion, Rural, Social, Urban (same as used in Social Combat – Duel of Wits).

Characters working together on same check: choose any one to provide the ability, another can skill, etc. Only specializations are cumulative. Alternatively, assistance can simply be giving a fortune die, with additional fortune die for trained skill that is useful. Consequences are shared (e.g., if one Fatigue suffered, all cooperating suffer one Fatigue).*

Checks of 4+ challenge dice: Chaos Stars count also as Failure, and if a check rolls four failures (before any Chaos Stars are counted) then the action fails no matter how many successes are rolled. (optional rule from Hero’s Call)

Check to Progress Permanent Insanity Recovery is Average (2 Challenge)

Fortune Point use for “narrative input”: a fortune point may be spent to add a consistent feature to a scene, such as a handy lit torch, an urchin who is on the street etc. This may be part of a fortune die use (e.g., a fortune die gathering information as there is an urchin who might know something).

Henchmen count individually as “allies” for cards etc.

Putting armour on is manoeuvres = Soak value (if zero it’s a manoeuvre), assistance cuts time in half (round up).* Thus being awoken, getting up and putting on cloth armour (Soak 1) is two maneuvers.

Restrictive Action Card Traits* lists those action card traits which indicate restrictions on taking the action connected to race, career or other factors.

Roleplaying and Declaring Action and Skill Use: chaos star to outcome pool if not declaring the action/skill or narrating its use, see Declaring and Roleplaying Action and Skill Use for more information. Everyone else must know “what is your character doing in the fiction we are creating”.*

Shooting into Melee: three misfortune dice (reduce by one with Prepare), ‘friendly fire’ happens doing basic damage on Chaos Star (always) or three banes (only if foes do not outnumber friends). A “friendly fire” result means hit a random ally for basic damage (weapon DR+applicable ability score)*

Skill Actions are Perform a Stunt when manipulating world or opposed, not when against a passive environment, unopposed, oneself.

Social Intimidate: the Intimidate skill can be used with Fellowship, instead of Strength when representing social intimidation. Specialties only apply to one type – Violence, Combat and Interrogation to St-based uses and Politics, Browbeating, Shaming to Fel-based used.*

Tradecraft (cooking) also covers the basic preparation of herbs into medicinal remedies such as teas etc. though with less expertise than the Medicine skill (two misfortune dice are added to the required checks to prepare herbs).*

Waking Up: Groggy – Challenge die to all checks for # rounds = 5 minus WP (minimum one).

Common Rule and Houserule Reminders

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