Character Background timeline

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2489 Erasmus Sprinthoffer born in The Moot.

2490 Harek Harginson born in Zhufbar.

2493 Brunhart Katzlmacher born in Pfeildorf, Stirland.

2497 Brun’s father dies

2499 Otto Lutterberg born in Steingart, Wissenland.

2500 Matthias Hofmeister born in Averheim.

2597 Otzlowe wool merchants revealed to be chaos cultists in Pfeildorf, routed out by Witch Hunter Captain Mathias Heidelman, disappearance of Brun’s cousin Maike.

2512 Brun kills his mother’s murderer and flees Pfeildorf, begins life as soldier, meeting Averlander Oskar Kleistman as his first sergeant. First action is in Averland state army during brief border war with Bretonnia (caused by “Mad Marius” insulting comments while visiting the country).

2514 Mühlendorf village in Averland is mysteriously depopulated (site of future Lutterberg resettlement).

2517 Shortly after he first comes to Averheim, Luminary Konrad Mauer identifies magical talent in young Matthias, who is sent to Altdorf and begins apprenticeship.

2518 Harek Harginson leaves Zhufbar.

2518 Erasmus Sprinthoffer and Harek Harginson meet in Schramleben (see Erasmus background) and are caught up in trouble connected with The Gentlemen. Erasmus leaves The Moot. First meeting of these two characters though they are not introduced.

2519 Otto Lutterberg and others in his family meet two scholars from Streissen‘s Owl’s Inn College who are investigating an ancient stone circle near Steingart, Professor Oldric Helmgarter and Wilhelm Fortenhaffer. The scholars have a couple of bodyguards with them, one is Gisila Anmutig, a female mercenary based in Streissen.

They hear of yet more trouble caused in the Wissenland town of Balenhof, which the scholars had to pass through to reach Steingart. Baron Anton Domagk is an absentee landlord who prefers to spend most of his time schmoozing in Pfeildorf. The Baron has left the running of his barony to Freiherr Markus Wieland, a knight with a nose for profit – only by emptying his purse did Professor Helmgarter save his mercenary bodyguard from hanging on trump-upped charges.

In later 2519, Brun first comes to Streissen and meets Gisila, he leaves with several other mercenaries when word of the WAAAGH! of Vorgaz Ironjaw begins circulating.

Almost at the end of 2519, Erasmus Sprinthoffer comes to Streissen and ends up making this his new home.

2520 Drachilda of the Amber Order aids Bergjaegers patrolling for goblin incursion in the Black Mountain foothills, her apprentice Matthias Hofmeister along for field training.

2520 Third Battle of Black Fire Pass as the WAAAGH! of Vorgaz is defeated. Death of Matthias’ uncle and cousin. Brun is present with Sons of Sölland freikorps and is decorated by Captain Ulli the Bear.

- at this time Otto is still in Steingart, Harek is in Nuln helping imperial foundries cast cannons, Erasmus is in Streissen.

2521 Sommerzeit – The Lutterberg family relocates its herds and assets from Wissenland to Averland due to conflicts over water rights with Baron Domagk and other claimants backed by Grand Baroness Etelka von Toppenheimer. They are assisted finding new grazing lands by connections to the Alptraum family lead by Marlene von Alptraum, resettling the village of Mühlendorf after its seven years of abandonment.

Brauzeit – Markus Lutterberg meets Erica von Tasswinder in Heideck and develops an interest he does not pursue before enlisting.


Sigmarzeit – news of war in north comes and troops begin to be martialed, Markus Lutterberg and Brunhart Katzlmacher meet as the Sons of Solland freikorps gathers recruits moving northwards.

Sommerzeit – Battle of Griffon’s Fall, Otto Lutterberg’s brother Markus dies fighting alongside Brunhart Katzlmacher.

Drachilda Verrukt instructs Matthias to pursue learning in Streissen, leaving in Kaldezeit to join the Empire’s armies in north.

In later Sommerzeit, close to the summer solstice, Otto Lutterberg and Harek Harginson both caught up in Averheim riots connected to the Harek’s creation, the “Efficient Eviscerator”, along with Erasmus Sprinthoffer. First meeting of Otto with the other two characters.

Harek Harginson and Matthias Hofmeister’s trouble with trees. First meeting of these two characters.

Vorgeheim (1st week) Brun’s unrequited love interest Gisila vanishes from Streissen.

During this time, Brun’s friend Vilmar is under contract to provide personal guard services to the High Priestess of Verena in Streissen, Melicent Gerung (who was indeed assassinated earlier in 2523, after Vilmar departed).

Erntezeit – Harek Harginson and Matthais Hofmeister begin attending Count’s College in Stressien. Otto’s sister Wilhemina (Mina) Lutterberg begins attending Owl’s Inn College in Streissen.

Matthias begins encountering Linus Caslach and develops his enmity for the huntsman.

Also this month, Erica von Tasswinder marries Count Andreas von Webern of Schramleben in Stirland.

Brauzeit Brunhart Katzlmacher returns to Streissen and meets Erasmus Sprinthoffer his first night back in town. He finds Gisila missing (see above, since Vorgeheim, 3 months earlier) and learns of his comrade Markus’s object of interest Erica von Tasswinder’s marriage.

Kaldezeit Mina Lutterberg is lead towards an affair with Leonardus Strup, a stable boy in Caslach’s household, but Matthias Hofmeister puts an end to it.

Monstille – Matthais is inducted into the The Ravens Fraternity in Streissen University.

Note, in later 2522 witch burnings are common throughout Averland, Witch Hunter Captain Mathias Heidelman is one of several active.


Nachexen Otto Lutterberg takes up residence in Streissen to look out for his sister. * TBC this is first meeting of Otto and Matthais.*

Sigmarzeit end of the university school year, final disputations.

Shortly afterwards, two students and a mercenary depart town as described in Prelude – Meeting at the Crossed Keys.

Nachgeheim 17, first day of autumn all PC’s come to meet two professors from Owl’s Inn and Torch College in answer to request for help finding missing students.

Character Background timeline

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