Averland Wine Tasting Festival

For over a century, the Elector Counts of Averland have sponsored the annual wine tasting festival in Averheim, organized by the League of the Vine, in the first week of Erntezeit.

A lavish celebration, though public drunkenness is frowned upon. Social class becomes less important than knowledge of wines – knowing your Grenzstadter from your Bilbali is more important than the cut of your cuffs. Wine stalls line the Plenzerplatz and radiate through the streets around it.

A panel of experts, traditionally the Elector Count and the Lectors of Sigmar and Verena, judge the year’s offerings.

Awards are given to Best Red, Best White and Best at Festival on the evening of the 4th day.

Hawking of other goods is discouraged – it’s about the wine. Of course, something to eat is always welcome and it is Pie Week so Halfling pie vendors are accepted and a common sight.

Dwarfs celebrate with their own brew, Gragrint. It is fermented from, well, no one is quite sure and no one else drinks it except if they lost a wager or dare.

Wine is relatively expensive compared to beer and is a higher class drink however every Averlander fancies themselves a connoisseur and can recite the history of great wine drinkers – for it was wine not ale that Sigmar drank to toast his victory at Black Fire Pass. Magnus the Pious so loved the grape’s bounty that he convinced Grand Theogonist Ansgar to encourage the monasteries to sell old wine presses to commoners and began the non-monastic making of wine.

The most common wine for the lower classes is Longingbuck Ruby, a cheap wine said to have bull’s blood in it. The Ruby takes no prizes but is exported throughout the Empire to the profit of Longingbuck vintners.

Averland Wine Tasting Festival

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