Ancestor Gods

Dwarfs honour their ancestors in general and in particular the greatest of them, the first dwarfs, the Ancestor Gods.

The greater Ancestor Gods are:

  • Grimnir – battle and warriors, in particular slayers, brother of Grungi, who saved the world by sealing the great gate through which Chaos was flooding the world, vanishing in the process.
  • Grungi – mining and stonework, brother of Grimnir, it was Grungi who foresaw the coming of Chaos and lead the dwarf race into the safety of the earth from which it would emerge when the time was right.
  • Valaya – home, healing and brewing, wife of Grungi (and of Grimnir), it was Valaya who devised the sacred rune which protected the dwarf holds against Chaos during the ancient times.

All dwarfs are believed descended from these ancestors.

The lessor Ancestor Gods are:

  • Gazul – protector of the dead and the lord of the underearth, younger brother of Grimnir and Grungi
  • Morgrim – engineering, son of Grimnir
  • Smednir – smithing, son of Grungi
  • Thungni – runes and runemagic, second son of Grungi

Smednir and Thungi together crafted many great weapons wielded by the dwarf gods and greatest of their ancient kings, including Sigmar’s great hammer Ghal Maraz.

Thungni discovered the lore of rune magic in Ankor Bryn, the Glittering Realm (a place he found during the great migration north). Only those descended from Thungni and Grungi can wield this magic.

Dwarfs show which Ancestor Gods they most favour by deeds more than by prayers or offerings. However, ancestor badges are also often worn. These small iconic emblems usually appear in the image of a helmet’s stylized faceplate showing the ancestor in question.

In addition to the Ancestor Gods, each dwarf clan has its own ancestors that are honoured and also commemorated with ancestor badges, effectively belonging to the Ancestor Cult.

Dwarfs believe that if they live their lives properly and are interred properly, then in the afterlife they shall join the Ancestor Gods (except Grimnir whose fate is a mystery). Living as the Ancestor Gods would have you live is the best worship.

Dwarfs do not pray, instead they sing sagas and tell the stories of their ancestors. Shrines are not places of worship so much as reminders of the virtues the Ancestor Gods value.

The dwarfs have a major holy day, Saga on Vorgeheim 33. The other notable days of their calendar are more secular though as with any day of gathering, Grugni is honoured every 100 days on First Quaff (Plfugzeit 33), Second Breech (Brauzeit 33) and Keg End (Vorehexen 33). Materhazt ( Mittherbst) is sacred to Valaya.

There are temples to Grungi and Valaya in every dwarf clan hold. Grungi’s is usually next to the main audience hall. Valaya’s is near the Queen’s chambers. Gazul also has a temple in each hold, next to the hold’s burial vaults. Workshops often have shrines to Smednir and Engineer guildhalls shrines to Morgrim.

Thungni has no temples but Runesmiths maintain shrines to him.

Ancestor Gods

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