The Empire’s largest city and capital of the Empire since Emperor Karl-Franz’s grandfather Grand Prince Wilhelm Holswig-Schliestein of Altdorf, great-grandson of Magnus’ Reikland Chancellor, was elected Emperor Wilhelm III in 2429.

Situated at the meeting of the Reik and Talabec rivers, Altdorf is one of the Empire’s commercial centres. Its counting houses and merchants have grown wealthy because of all the trade that must pass through their port.

Altdorf is the site of the Great Cathedral of Sigmar and its famed University. It has been home to the Colleges of Magic since 2302. Since that time it has also been difficult to map precisely and natives have learned to navigate by landmarks.

Altdorf is known for the “Altdorf Fog”, a thick mist that rises from the rivers and covers much of Altdorf for several days. Bonfires lit in the Konigplatz do little. The Detlef play Farce in the Fog draws on it.

It began as a small Unberogen settlement on an islet in the river Reik. Known as Reikdorf (the city of the river), it offered good fishing, fertile farmland, and an excellent defensive position. The city grew with the Empire and in the Imperial Year 500, it was renamed Altdorf by the Emperor Sigismund.


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