Witch Hunter Captain Mathias Heidelman

Determined purveyor of Sigmar's Justice Upon the Tainted


In his early 50’s, Heidelman has light brown eyes surrounded by crow’s feet and short-cropped grey-brown hair under a witch hunter’s classical broad-brimmed black hat.

His forearms each bear a tattoo of the Comet of Sigmar, though these are usually visible only when he is doing certain sorts of witch-hunter’s work.


Originally a native of Reikland, Heidelman has been a Witch Hunter since 2495 (28 years), operating throughout Averland and Wissenland.

He is well-known for hunting witches and mutants and has often been commissioned by nobles who want a clean bill of health for a village or some other place about which there have been too many rumours.

Heidelman has a small cadre of trained followers including a scribe (a monk of Order of the Anvil) and can call upon the League of Sigmar and other patriots as needed.

Heidelman appears to be a classical witch hunter who errs on the side of the community’s safety over the individual’s fate and a big believer in public executions. In his case, he usually executes the subject by beheading before burning the remains – well at least if the subject is not an outright mutant (so he is as “humane” a witch hunter as one can expect).

Witch Hunter Captain Mathias Heidelman

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