Professor Ulfred Gorman

Master of Dead Tonguts, Perplexing Speaker and Man of Inaction


White bearded man in early 50’s with bright eyes, dressed in green scholar’s robes.


Professor Gorman is from the University of Altdorf, for several years a guest lecturer at Streissen University. He was a Sun Society member who doubted the Middenheim Project and Professor Mandelbrot’s “von Dankien froggy” leanings.

He wishes to study Southlands ruins and artifacts and disprove ridiculous theories that circulate in the absence of facts.

He is the leading proponent of the Oceania theory of an ancient transoceanic civilization which fell to Chaos in the great catastrophe that elves and dwarves sometimes speak of or was destroyed by its reptilian servants. Professor Gorman believes ancient Nekhara was founded by the last survivors of this civilization.

Professor Ulfred Gorman

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