Professor Freidrich Ursinus

Bearded scholar


50ish Professor of Logic, Geometry and Astrology at Count’s College

He mostly teaches to the Comprehensive Elucidation of Miragliano, by Wolfgang Morhoff of Nuln (published 2204). This text deals with the mathematics and geometry of the works of Leonardo de Miragliano, the Tilean engineer who lived 500 years ago but whose works have still yet to all be duplicated (no one has yet built a Ribauldequin that is considered reliably more lethal to the enemy that to those who fire it).

The text deals math, geometry, Arabyan influences on Miragliano and with the “Miragliano Model” which the great engineer said was the key to the fundamental principles of engineering, though it is also used in models of logic and rhetoric and in some taxonomies of natural life.

Professor Ursinus himself graduated from the university, 18 years ago, and is an inactive member of the Ravens fraternity (only current students are active members).

He is fairly lax about his students attending classes but expects them to make up by learning from each other – “ever forward” is his style, his attitude being “it’s your money, if you fail your disputations it’s because you didn’t work hard enough, not because I didn’t”.


Matthias Hofmeister and Harek Harginson are students under him.

Professor Freidrich Ursinus

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