Oliver Kampf, Priest of Verena

Battle-hardened inquirer after truth


Verenan priest Oliver Kampf looks more like a battle-hardened mercenary than a scholar.

He is a member of the Order of Mysteries, which seeks to recover lost lore and answer questions about the past, and is learned in ancient languages including Nehehkharan.

Edrahil Valandar met him when passing through the Border Princes Territory to join his cousin in Averland. The priest extricated Edrahil from some false accusations of withcraft and the attentions of a witch hunter, Guttman.

Edrahil was later able to return the favour when Kampf was falsely accused of murdering the same witch hunter, Guttman, in the coastal town of Matorea in the Border Princes territory. Uncovering the necromrancer responsible Edrahil, his cousin Korhadriel, Gunnar Holck and the (since deceased) witch hunter Elke both cleared Kampf’s name and prevented a dangerous opening of a Nehekharan tomb in the Orgil Caverns.

Kampf is known at times to work with a Wizard of Light, Luminary Hausier.


Oliver Kampf, Priest of Verena

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