Johann Esmer

Grand Theogonist of Sigmar, Progressive Reformer/Corrupt Schemer


No PC has met him.


Johann Esmer was elected Grand Theogonist on 15th of Kaldezeit, 2522, having returned to good graces in the Sigmar’s Church after a fall from power in 2521.

Johann Esmer was to many eyes the archetype of the scheming, coin-for-faith corruption rotting Sigmar’s church. To many others, Esmer is the future of the church, taking it from its archaic past into a modern future which includes greater rapprochement with the Cults of Verena and Shallya. His actions upon becoming Grand Theogonist to increase funding to the Templars of Sigmar and direct them to great vigor stunned many of his supporters.

Until events in 2521, Lector Johann Esmer was considered the leading candidate to replace Volkmar the Grim.

However, Esmer was brought down and went into exile when too much was revealed of a web of political alliances, paid sinecures (essentially buy a post as a priest that has an income by paying in advance for it), and jockeying with provincial electors (looking forward past becoming Grand Theogonist to when the next great electoral college session selects the next Emperor after Karl Franz passes, not for many years it is hoped but the jockeying for votes starts early).

Most believe his downfall was engineered by those who expected him to support the “Nuln block” when the Imperial succession becomes an issue.

Early in 2522, Esmer returned to Altdorf, his image not quite rehabilitated but his presence welcomed by many in the Church as the need for unity in face of the external threats from the north is recognized. Esmer remained a force to be reckoned with, having friends and alliances throughout the Empire and a seemingly endless access to coin.

When Volkmar the Grim perished in the The Storm of Chaos, Esmer was selected to succeed Volkmar at the hastily called conclave of lectors and arch-lectors.

He was, surprisingly, supported by the traditional wing of the church, though his first acts demonstrated why – in a move surprising many of his reform supporters, Esmer has become a traditionalist Sigmarite values and given broadened powers for the Templars of Sigmar, the cult’s Witch Hunters, to openly hunt the Chaos threat within the Empire.

In a move many see as openly critical of the Emperor, Grand Theogonist Esmer has ordered particular scrutiny of any mutant claiming the benefit of the Edict of Tolerance.

Johann Esmer

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