Graf Friedrich von Kaufman

Rich nobleman with extensive interests


What PC’s See:

Friedrich von Kaufman stands slightly taller than other men and is fit. He is 37 (in 2523), though looks a little younger. He has sharply chiselled handsome features and wears a closely trimmed beard, cropped brown hair and a face–spanning handlebar mustache.

Von Kaufman always wears the latest fashions in perfectly tailored satin. As a patriotic Averlander, he ensures that much of his wardrobe is cut from cloth in the province’s colours of yellow and black. Prominently worn around his neck is a chunky silver chain attached to a golden badge decorated in enamel with the von Kaufman coat of arms. This depicts a black Imperial cross on a yellow field. The cross is encircled by a stylised red corona, as if it eclipses the sun.


The Graf heads a lesser noble family which has risen to great wealth that outstrips the family’s formal holdings. He lives with his elderly (well, in 60’s – humans don’t make it that long usually) mother Elizabeth in an impressive townhouse in Averheim.

The Graf is a Rank 3 noble (minor, no major estates as noble, but wealthy and notable in accomplishments).

Graf von Kaufman’s most notable business interest is in the Red Arrow Coaching line but he has investments in warehouses and stockyards in Averheim’s waterfront district.

His investments suffered due to the failure of the voyage of exploration and discovery known as the Southlands Expedition Southlands Expedition to turn a significant profit after costs such employing the infamous von Kragsburg guards. A second expedition in 2522 returned a profit and restored his financial standing.

The Graf is a veteran of the Averland Pistolkorps and has many other connections. He is on familiar terms with Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum.

He sponsored the Sun Society, an academic community in Averheim with connections to Streissen University, though in Erntezeit 2522 he withdrew his financial support. The society’s reputation had suffered due to the role of Professor Schott Mandelbrot and other members in a conspiracy against Sigmar’s faithful, though another member of the Society, Korhadriel, helped frustrate the plot. The Graf remains a supporter of the university and academics.

On Nachgeheim the 9th, 2522, Graf Kaufman was among the defenders of the Altdorf Great Temple of Sigmar against a daemonic incursion. The Graf suffered severe injuries in this struggle which left him unable to control his financial interests at a crucial juncture.

The Graf once hosted dinners of influential people in Averland such as Unterlector Glotz of the Temple of Verena, Frau Beatrice Hurdleberger the cattle magnate. Past attendeeds incluced Captain Marcus Baerfaust, Luminary Konrad Mauer, and Professor Schott Mandelbrot of Streissen University. Questions hanging over these have ended this practice.

Graf Friedrich von Kaufman

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