Frau Beatrice Hurdleberger

The best endowed woman in Averland


Late 40’s heavy-set matro with a direct, practical manner. She dresses extremely well with a small amount of tastefully expensive jewelry.


The cattle magnate and widow Frau Hurdelberger is the wealthiest person in the province – it is said one in every four hooves that leaves Averland in exchange for coin belongs to her or someone so in debt to her it might as well be hers.

Frau Hurdleberger has three sons: Alaric, Jacob and Tomas. It is well known that unlike most wealthy success stories she has no interest in marrying her children into nobility or buying them titles. “Look at what that did for the Tuchtenhagens; I would sooner have them make one of my geldings a Graf than see that done to one of my boys!” Her sons have all received the best educations and personal training from Tilean swordmasters and Arabyan horse masters (expensive and obscenely expensive, respectively).

Alaric (28) lead a troop of cavalry raised from Hurdleburger range riders north to fight the recent Chaos incursion. His fate has not been heard. Jacob (26) is taking an active role in the family business and travels extensively doing so. Tomas (19) is yet to choose a path – he was briefly infatuated with Isadora von Steiner in Erntezeit 2522, What To Do About a Girl Like Isadora.

The Hunters for the Black Cowl, and some others, know that Frau Hurdleberger was one of the dinner guests gathering regularly at Graf Friedrich von Kaufman’s home that came under suspicion by the now-deceased Witch Hunter Adele Ketzenblum.

Frau Beatrice Hurdleberger

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