Erasmus Sprinthoffer

Halfling Minstrel


A well-travelled Outcast Halfling Minstrel, sometimes known as “Raz”.

Born in 2489, starting age is 44 (recall halflings mature about as fast as humans but live longer, at 20 you were like a human at 16, your 44 is a human’s 28).

3’8" tall (just a bit shade shorter than an average halfling), 100lbs (not including gear), 20 Enc if carried by another.

Str 2, To 3, Ag 4, Int 3, Wp 3, Fel 4, Wound 10
Stance Conservative – C3/R1

Skills: Ballistic Skill, Coordination, Charm, Discipline
Actions: Winning Smile, Steely Gaze
Talents: Well-Traveled (Fortune to Charm, Education and Folklore checks about exotic people and places), Foresight (Initiative check gain Boon add a Success to outcome).

Wealth/Social Class: Poor/Brass
Current Career: Minstrel; Past Careers: None; Planned Future Career: unknown
Notable Career Traits: Menial, Social, Urban
Corruption Points: 0

Experience Earned: 2
Advances Spent: Discipline (1), Foresight (1)
Character Rank 1

Minstrel Career: You may add Expertise instead of Fortune when spending fortune point on a Folklore check (only once per check)

Outcast; once per session reduce difficulty of a check by one challenge die.

Naturally Sneaky: all Observation checks to detect a halfling add two misfortune dice to the pool (if the halfling is rolling against Observation, they add two fortune dice to their pool).

Night Vision: two fewer misfortune dice from darkness or insufficient light penalties.

Narrative bonus: you know the range of taverns and their clienteles in most towns and for fortune point can have a contact in one.

Where Often Found In Streissen:

Erasmus is found working throughout inns and taverns in Streissen or at Torch College. When not working he always drifts back to Auntie in the Universität district at Count’s College.

When not able to get lodgings part of performing, he always has a place by the fire in the college kitchen as no one questions Auntie’s running of her kitchen.

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Erasmus is from the province of The Moot, which is a collection of self-governing towns and villages in which various halfling families have great influence.

He is from the poor Sprinthoffer family which lives in the small town (pop 700) of Dreiflussen on the southern border of Mootland. Dreiflussen is known for barley, beer and fish. The Sprinthoffers find work where they can in breweries or cleaning fish.

Dreiflussen lies at the confluence of the Aver Reach and the Blue Reach, where they merge to become the great Aver River. Some trade passes through it to Pfungzig in Averland.

Halflings long blamed the Alptraums and Leitdorfs for the Massacre of Nearstream in 2502, the Alptraum Elector Countess ordered the invasion of the Moot and her general, later Elector Count, “Mad Marius” carried out the massacre of the defeated halfling army. Late last year, it began to be known that Marius’ madness was a curse inflicted by a witch coven as part of their great plan of vengeance against the Leitdorfs for their support of Sigmarite witch-hunting.

Erasmus Leaves the Moot

Erasmus left the Moot because he angered the powerful Stoutheart family whose head, Hisme Stoutheart is the provincial Elector. The Stouthearts gain greatly from the lucrative Zhufbar-Wurtbad trade route.

This began in 2518 and seemed innocent enough to start, Erasmus had accepted a gig at Schramleben in Stirland (on the Zhufbar trade route). The crowd seemed a bit rough and Erasmus played a few up tempo numbers in the hopes keeping them entertained to avoid any unpleasantness. Things went well (he got paid) and he was asked to return 10 days later at the same locale.

It was during the second performance when Erasmus realized he was playing for The Gentlemen. Not a bad gig despite their reputation, but Erasmus kept his head down and ears closed and did not tell anyone who he was playing for.

Although not a regular scheduled gig, he did get the call every so often and Erasmus was happy to play and keep his mount shut. Then one night, everything changed. Erasmus was just starting his second set of the night and he noticed that two Gentlemen had a small man in a back corner of the tavern. He did not see him enter and could not tell if he was a halfing or not. He decided to play a ‘wandering’ number where he leaves the stage and walks between the tables (it seemed safe enough that night) and see if he could identify the small man in the room.

He was just getting close enough to hear something like ‘you kind can do this… right?’ as a pistol was tossed in front of the dwarf (hey it’s a dwarf, don’t get to see them much around here). The Dwarf mumbles starts arguing back (heard to hear) and at the moment the doors burst open and armed men in uniform (not the local constabulary, but the local von Webern lords have been under pressure from Wurtbad to deal with The Gentlemen.

A tavern in chaos is no place for a halfling and as Erasmus turns to find his escape, he stumbles over the dwarf who has been pushed to the ground. Erasmus grabs the dwarf and heads for the stage (there is an exit behind the stage).

They managed to evade the melee and get backstage, Erasmus pushes the dwarf through the door only to find human hands clutching his cloths.

Long story short, Erasmus was held for questioning but played the ‘I am just the minstrel’ dumb act and they seemed to buy it.

Returning home Erasmus was met with the armed halflings of the Stouthearts. Needless to say they were not pleased he was arrested in a “Gentlemens’ club”.

They too have been under pressure to help stop the flow of goods by the Gentlemen (but rumour has it they have had dealings with them).

Erasmus decided that he needed to leave before this has repercussions with his own family.

In the course of leaving the Moot Erasmus was separated from travelling companions and were quite worried until he encountered Bertold Graun an itinerant priest of Taal and Ryha, a jovial man with a bear-like physique (and nearly as much body hair) and deep laugh. He saw Erasmus safely to a nearby town.

Since 2518, as a performer he wandered towns working taverns and seeking better commissions, coming to Streissen in 2519.

In Streissen, there is a demand in taverns and brothels that cater to the wealthier students which lead to Erasmus’ initial decision to stay on a while.

In summer 2522 his choice of a song angered a crowd in a Streissen tavern. When asked for a serious song he thought Cruel was the Foe would appeal but apparently some in the crowd took it as an accusation. Things were looking grim until a group of students from Torch College, lead by two-fisted brawler named Gustave Hesse, intervened and marched Erasmus to safety even though they took some knocks doing it. Hesse said the halfling shouldn’t pay for someone else’s guilty conscience.

After the tavern incident, Erasmus entertained at Torch College to thank the students for their for timely rescue. He sang ‘Torch in the Night’ but during the dashing heroic parts he substituted the names of students (particularly Gustave). It was a smash hit (on many levels) and since then Erasmus has a fondness for the students at Torch College.

In his dealings with them he has learned that Brother Baldurich is popular with all but the most zealous of his students because he takes an understanding view of minor misdemeanours and can be seen having a round with them from time to time (Sigmar didn’t found the Empire so we would do nothing but pray and fight all the time, live a little too!)

In late 2522, Erasmus helps Brunhart Katzlmacher (as detailed in his description).

Erasmus cherishes a wooden flute (although he can play many instruments. At first glance it looks like a twig with holes, but a closer examination shows that was carved to resemble a twig. It is surprising well crafted (and had a charming tonality). This flute is an heirloom passed down through several generations and was presented to him by his father when his musical talent blossomed.

Auntie! Since his exile from Dreiflussen, Erasmus has not felt at home anywhere except for Streissen. Auntie is a fellow halfling who runs the kitchens in Count’s College – feeding both professors and students. She always has a bed for me and good meal. If you asked Erasmus he would say she runs the town. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. If there is no place to go, Erasmus always drifts back to Auntie.

  • Auntie is not Erasmus’ aunt. That is the affectionate name by which she is know around town. Come to think of it Erasmus does not know her real name. A cook and restaurateur by trade, Auntie has a side business (her other passion) preparing infusions, brews and lotions to combat a wide array of ailments and effects. Although there was a scandal and hush up, something to do with study tea, but the details (if any) are scarce

When in Streissen (and not working) Erasmus will run errands or do odd jobs for Auntie in return for the kindness she has shown.

One things halflings know, for little folk it is good be one good terms with your neighbours. If Averland should plunge into chaos, what would become of the good folk of The Moot! So he will never abandon Averland to disaster

Erasmus Sprinthoffer

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