Countess Emmanuelle von Leibwitz

Elector Grand Countess of Wissenland, Grand Countess of Nuln, Duchess of Meissen


Widely held to be the most beautiful and sophisticated woman in the Empire, her brown hair worn piled atop her head in ringlets and whatever she wears is the fashion of the Empire.

Though of middle years, she retains her youthful figure and attractiveness.


Emmanuelle von Liebwitz (Grand Countess of Wissenland, Countess of Nuln, and Duchess of Meissen) gained her seat around the same time that Emperor Karl-Franz was crowned.

She had a claim to the title of Elector Count, but not the strongest, however the childhood friend of the Emperor gained his favour —some suggest she seduced him— and she took the title of Elector Countess in 2503, at the age of 18.

Opinion in the rest of the Empire holds that Emmanuelle is a “party girl” with no head for governing; being more concerned with fashion and luxuries, and not caring about Wissenland beyond the city of Nuln – her youthful looks are the result of the blessing of nothing weighing on her thoughts.

She is nonetheless extremely popular, taxes and other unpopular decisions being blamed on her advisors and courtiers, and policy in the rest of Wissenland seen as shaped more by Grand Baroness Etelka von Toppenheimer.

She is the only surviving member of her immediate family. Her older brother Sergius was murdered in 2505. Her younger brother, Viscount Leos von Leibwitz was 24, and a famed duelist, when he died in 2509 while killing a mutant which was on a murderous rampage in the capital of Altdorf. The Countess has no heir of her own bloodline.

Countess Emmanuelle von Leibwitz

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