Clothilde von Alptraum



Clothilde is an extremely attractive woman of 28 (in 2522). She often wears owl feathers and the Imperial cross as added decorations to her noble attire.

Her attire favours the gold, black and green of the von Alptraum family colours.


She is well thought-of in Averland, having volunteered at a Shallyan hospice not far from the front lines during Third Black Fire, with her friend Katharina von Mecklenburg, a young noblewoman who has joined the Shallyan Order. She is well-known for her love of the theatre.

Except for her single status in her late 20’s, she is everything one could hope for in an Imperial noblewoman.

There were brief rumours she had an untoward liaison with Wilhelm von Döhnenleiter, a younger Knight Panther of a landless noble family which supports the rival von Leitdorf family. There were mixed responses to these rumours (the major families think less of her, those tired of the rivalry between the major families think better of her).

Clothilde recently succeeded in convincing the Emperor, through advisors, to appoint a plenipotentiary to rule on Averland succession dispute. She was supported in this by a petition she had organized from independent nobility such as Graf Deiter von Heine of Pfunzig and Count Matthias von Grünwald (last in the line of the family that held the Electorship before Alptraum and Leitdorf). However, concerns about the threat of Chaos in the North have called away this Plenipotentiary.

The Gravin is a Rank 3 noble and cousin to Marlene von Alptraum, the “Iron Countess” and the head of the von Alptraum family. This is a grand family one generation removed from the Electorship and its head is Rank 4 but Clothilde is one step removed from that immediate branch and has smaller personal holdings – though she is still quite well-off and influential.

Her cousin, Leonora (daughter of maternal uncle Heimmler), is married to Knight of the Panther Sir Oswald von Grünwald, which has been used as a means of introduction to the Order of the Panther by Wilhelm von Döhnenleiter.

Clothilde’s father was Graf Hildebrandt von Alptraum, a minor nobleman who died in a duel with Leopold von Leitdorf in 2509 (when she was 15). Her mother is Miranda von Alptraum, originally born to the Nuln von Zeist family and still living, once again in Nuln with her brother Reiner.

Clothilde has a younger brother, Mathias von Alptaum. Mathias was the Graf of Heinzstadt, following his father’s death, but he had to flee the province after killing a supporter of the von Leitdorf family in a duel some say he provoked. Mathias abdicated in favour of his sister to ensure the holding would be effectively governed.

Now that things have been cleared up for him to return Clothilde is expected to abdicate in his favour. This had been one reason she did not marry – to prevent the holding leaving the Alptraum family. Depending on the marriage, her influence may increase or decrease. Whispers circulate that the Leitdorfs agreed not to pursue matters against Mathias precisely so he would return and Clothilde would be “sidelined”.

Clothilde von Alptraum

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