Avallyne Valandar

Agent of House Valandar


Average height and build for an elf woman (5’11" and 130 lbs), with hazel hair and copper eyes.

She is typically dressed in well-made tunic and leggings, with a wide sash and a dagger in it. Her garb has a slightly naval-flavour reflecting the time she has spent at sea travelling on the merchant business of House Valandar. Her appearance’s most distinctive trait is that she braids her hair (again a trait picked up while at sea).

She is of the indeterminate age appearance adult elves possess. She is likely around a hundred years old.

She speaks Reikspeil, Bretonnian, Estalian and Arabyan.

Consider her to have completed Elven Envoy and Burgher careers, Intelligence and Fellowship are her strongest attributes.


Second of Loremaster Acari Valandar’s children and the only one without magical aptitude.

While her younger brother Korhadriel has avoided family by running off to the Old World, and her sister Coranna studies at the Tower of Hoeth, earning her father’s praises, Avallyne sees to her family’s mercantile interests.

Not having the magical talent common to many of Saphery, such as her siblings, Avallyne is nonetheless an intelligent and accomplished woman.

Avallyne Valandar

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