After the Storm

The Day of the Bell

It was a hard day's night

Reworking the long night’s ride a bit.

The comrades will arrive at the Altdorf south or “meadow” city gates at about 5:30 am.

I originally said: The gates don’t open until sunrise which is about 6:00 am this time of year.

Actually the gates open before dawn as peasants bring things into the markets, gong farmers take the night collections out of the city etc.

The check to see if the trip was made in good time is a Ride (2D) by Wilhelm [Ellothir will manage the cart well enough], failure will make the trip take an hour or so longer..

Wilhelm has been awake all night at this point. Other comrades tried to get some rest in the cart but aside from being a cart it was crowded with trunks and a corpse.

• Those who were in cart may make an overnight recovery check but with three misfortune dice, failure means a poor night’s rest and 1 misfortune dice on all actions (2 if failure and chaos star)
• Wilhelm has 3 misfortune dice on all actions in any event.

As we get to the gate, an Episode Recovery will occur (after all these checks).

Wilhelm will then have to make a Resilience (3D) [with the 3 misfortune dice] to avoid 2 Fatigue and 2 Stress from having been up all night.



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