After the Storm


This is how we do it in the Old World

Finale of Campaign

The heroes (for we can now call them that), manage to elude patrols of Magritta Company mercenaries and ascend the Prophet’s Pyramid.

On their way to the ‘control chamber’ they encounter hybrids and a serpent person. Korhadriel’s hearing giving warning so they surprise their foes. Overcoming them, they enter the control chamber.

Through the staff, Korhadriel channels the will of the alien mind that instructs him how to set the energies within the pyramids (which are each a magical fuel tank in sense) to a devastating overload. He suffers massive stress and fatigue from this experience.

They have no idea how long it will before the energy is released in a devastating wave that will also blow each pyramid apart sending tons of rock flying through the air.

The heroes then do what it takes to survive in the Old World, they run. Korhadriel is worn out by his efforts and his cousin Edrahil carries him.

As they run they must dodge early releases of energy – blasts that require dodging.

[increasing numbers of misfortune dice rolled to see if blasts triggered, players are lucky and few released, fatigue spent, the fact that they avoided fatiguing fights etc. getting in is critical to having enough to get out]

When the pyramids finally explode the PCs are far enough away that the energy and flying rock damage is survivable with the right checks (which they make).

Whoever and whatever was in the pyramids – designing custom diseases to wreck havoc on the world using the keys to the major races – is destroyed utterly, along with sarcophagi of life, and whatever else was in the city of the gods.

The encamped mercenary army is devastated.

Well from there it’s a long trek through jungle with a story no one will believe about how they saved the world.

As the characters are unlikely to ever accomplish more than this, we fade out on these heroes.



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